Mariyana would like to invite you to take a look at her new online shop.

With lots of family support, Mariyana’s Boutique was established in August 2014. The idea is to introduce and offer new exclusive designs and quality goods.

In our Boutique you will find some of the top European brands with over a decade of experience in the European market. Brands such as Junona Fashion House, E-phos Fashion, Lucy’s Fashion, Escanto, Friends Fashion, La Tenera Grazia and many more.

In our Boutique you will find a variety of sizes and plus sizes from some of our other big names, such as, Sarah Santos, D’echely, Bella Blue, Sugar Crisp and Netley.

A wide range of footwear and unique accessories are also available!

“I am so happy and excited to be launching my new website to enable all my customers to view and buy my unique clothing and accessories online.”