The idea to create an independent clothes store came in 2013. The person behind this business ia Mariyana. An enthusiastic young girl with passion for Fashion but at the same time adding something different and unique.

With lots of family support, Mariyana’s Boutique was established in August 2014. The idea is to introduce and offer new exclusive designs and quality goods.

In our Boutique you will find some of the top European brands with over a decade of experience in the European market. Brands such as Junona Fashion House, E-phos Fashion, Lucy’s Fashion, Escanto, Friends Fashion, La Tenera Grazia and many more.

In our Boutique you will find a variety of sizes and plus sizes from some of our other big names, such as, Bella Blue, MB Germany, Sarah Santos, Kekoo, NESLAY, Banè and Naveed.

A wide range of footwear and unique accessories are also available!

Mariyana’s Boutique is based in the heart of Lancaster on Penny Street (only few doors up from M&S ) and we have something for everyone and every occasion. We hope that once you’ve visited us, our shop will become one of your favourites. Some of my customers like to call it a “little secret”

After two years  of consistent hard work, Mariyana decided to extend and create an online version of the shop to enable customers from anywhere in UK and abroad to have the facility to purchase  from our exclusive and quirky garments.

We believe that Fashion is created by the designers, but the style is the way you wear it.  In our Boutique you will always find something that will stand out from the high street crowd . Our prices are reasonable,  affordable and competitive. Definitely worth paying us a visit.